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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wittle Wisdom Wednesdays: A Day in the Sand

In this society, I'm sure that no one would disagree that we are constantly on-the-go.  We have goals.  We have desires.  We want it.  And we want it now.

Between iPhones (guilty...), iPads, blackberries, and a multitude of other mobile media, we are always connected and able to work from every nook and cranny in the world! ...well...sometimes.  Service gets a little sketchy the closer you get to Manchester, Tennessee.  Just ask my poor husband.

The purpose of this technological age was to decrease the amount of time needed to complete projects.  But so far, it's managed to increase our productivity so much, that we now get four times as much done as long as we take the work home and do it on vacations.

I say it's time to just take a break.


And stick our fingers in the sand.

It's amazing what even as little as 2 hours of sun, surf, and sand can do.  A local lake...a neighbor's pond...or even just a lawn chair in your own back yard provide the perfect opportunity to open a book, kick off your shoes, and calm your mind.

Because truly, what's the point of working if we can't enjoy what we're working for.

Come back tomorrow to see Julie's maternity pics!  Here's a quick taste to wet your whistle.

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