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Friday, July 1, 2011

Say What?!: Bacon War 2011

If you've been paying any amount of attention on Facebook (or possibly no attention at all...) then you've probably noticed my extreme fascinations (read that as "obsessions").  I say extreme is.

In May of 2011, Cicadas descended upon Nashville.  Creepy, red-eyed, disgusting cicadas.  I was in love.

But Cicadas are now sooooo May 2011.  Bacon is now the new Cicada.

Sorry, Cicadas...but I'm over you.

Thus began my torrid love affair with bacon.

Enter Yours Truly.

I had the opportunity to photograph a hot, new band that is fresh on the scene here in Nashville called Yours Truly.  You MUST go listen to their music.  You can find it at

Needless to say, they noticed my bacon posts on Facebook (I mean, who wouldn' IS obsessive).

Enter #baconwar2011.

Yours Truly threw down the gauntlet and I--guilelessly, I might add--accepted.

The challenge?  Who can post the most creative photo using bacon...(however, I believe that in our creativeness, we are going to open the challenge up a bit more to allow for other media...oh dear...I fear we may have a song about bacon coming...)

We've already gone 2 rounds with the most recent being:

Clay BAiken v. Breakin' Bacon

It's clear who the winner here is, folks -- #TeamLaidlawPhotography

Now here's where YOU come in.  As we post these photos onto Facebook, we need votes!  How do you vote?  Easy!  Just leave a comment on or 'like'either my photo or Yours Truly's photo declaring who you think should win the round.

We'll be posting these sporadically, so be on the lookout!  Make sure you head over to Laidlaw Photography's Facebook page and 'like' it so that you can see the updates.  And while you're doing that, take a tour over to Yours Truly's Facebook page and do the same.

This is promising to be a hilarious challenge.

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