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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wittle Wisdom Wednesdays: A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place

Mexican food is a not so secret indulgence of mine. I love it. My wise friend Elizabeth said it best when she recounted the importance of finding a Mexican restaurant.

"When moving to a new area of town, the most important thing is to find a nearby Kroger...then a good Mexican restaurant."

That being said, I accompanied my wise friend, Elizabeth, to eat some good Mexican. Seeing as how she is also Little Olivia's mother, I figured it would be a fortuitous opportunity to gain a Wittle Wisdom. And I'm not one to pass up the opportunity to exploit my young, honorary niece.

Immediately after being seated, I noticed that my young friend had a rock fascination. Her mother then explains to me Little Olivia's desire to pick up and take home rocks (I had already been introduced to a few in the car on the way over). However, what was more interesting than her desire to take them home, was her desire to organize them (she is most definitely her mother's daughter).

Little Olivia spent the better part of an hour collecting rocks from the planter in the Mexican restaurant and placing them one at a time on the ledge of our booth.

It was clear that as she began placing the rocks on the ledge like a complicated puzzle that each rock had its specific and perfect station within the intricate arrangement. No rock was more important than another just as no rock was the least. She didn't begin from one end and then move to the other. No, she picked a position for each one in a pattern that only she could understand. They were like little ants marching up the hill to their destination carrying pieces of queso on their backs.

I asked her mother if Little Olivia was good at picking up her room to which her mother replied, "Within thirty minutes of cleaning up her room, it explodes."

So what did I learn? Simply that even to a three-year-old, there is a place for everything and everything has its place...except for toys.


angie said...

hahahahaha! love it! you have such a way with words, MD, just like with images.

tell Elizabeth that when there's more than one of them, they begin to conspire against the organization of the toys, at least in any adult discernible way. Allie and Avery share a room and there are many days that i just close the door simply to protect my blood pressure.

Amber Noel said...

You are such a beautiful wonderful lady with amazing talents. I like how you use your photos to tell your stories, b/c it expresses who you are through what you can do. Keep up the creativity. You have many gifts and are truly special! Your site is this weeks BLOG SHOUT OUT at awip! Love you, Amber