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Friday, February 19, 2010

Rebecca Vine: Ballerina, Friend, Secret Agent

Living in Nashville, everyone you meet is a singer/songwriter, an aspiring singer/songwriter, or married to a singer/songwriter. While I learned at a young age that money doesn't grow on trees, the exact opposite is true of singer/songwriters in the greater Nashville area. They are everywhere...and ripe for the picking!

So when I first shook hands with Rebecca Vine, the singer/songwriter, I thought to myself, "Well, that's not surprising..." However, four inspiring, fun-filled, and wacky years later, I now know that the words "Rebecca Vine" and "not surprising" should never be used in the same sentence.

Rebecca Vine, the friend, is a free spirit who wants to be a ballerina when she grows up (because being 26 might mean you're an adult, but it doesn't mean you're done growing), has a deep desire to sing a duet with Michael McDonald (even if it requires stalking him), and wishes she could be best friends with Sydney Bristow (CIA black ops operative from the popular television show, Alias). Those few attributes, among a myriad of others, sealed her in my heart for life.

And for as fun, carefree, and zany as Rebecca Vine, the friend, is--Rebecca Vine, the singer/songwriter is as equally deep, passionate, and steadfast.

Rebecca Vine, the singer/songwriter, is a fount of talent and love, flowing over everyone she meets. You can't spend five minutes with Rebecca and not feel better about yourself, your current situation, or your future. Her heart bursts with compassion for those around her and because of this, she has a deep desire to write songs that matter, songs that speak to the hurting, the lonely, the longing...

Her purpose isn't simply to write songs, but to write songs that help heal broken hearts.

Rebecca was born in Alaska, but raised in Santa Cruz, California. When she was 17, she felt that God was calling her to Nashville to pursue songwriting. Two years later, she started making the journey.

On her way to Nashville, she stopped in her dad's hometown of Ganado, Texas to record some demos. Weeks turned into (many) months, and in 2003 she finally arrived in Music City, Tennessee.

Being a recording artist was not her dream when she came to Nashville, nor can she say that it is her dream now. But what she can is that it's not about her anyway.

It's about sharing and connecting through music.

Writing will always be her first love, but singing has become a very close second. Ultimately, her deepest desire is to honor God with either...both...wherever they may lead.

So when Rebecca Vine, my friend, the singer/songwriter, asked me to take a few promo shots, I didn't walk, but ran to comply!

Check out a few of my favorites from around the city.

Rebecca, thank you for your time and talent, for believing in my dreams while I aid, however small, in yours, and for being my loving, compassionate, and gracious friend.

You are such a rockstar!

Rebecca is currently in pre-production for her upcoming EP Willing and Able, which will be released in April 2010.

Until then, you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, and don't forget to check her out at

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Loganaator said...

Thank you so much for the Rebecca Vine blog ! I discovered her through facebook on my elementary school friend, Gina..LaLA posting. I listen to her song I love you TOO ! Immediately I felt God with me and place God I love you TOO in the song. My son, age 12, who has been ill was up and I had just prayed with and for him. My thoughts were wow, I wonder if she is a christian. I felt God in the song. I searched on words for I love you TOO, Rebecca Vine and stumbled on your blog. Thank you sooo much for the blog! God is good. I hope to find the words..and hope to be able have the CD of the song. Please tell Rebecca how much her song meant to a complete stranger. I know God will bless her through her dreams!

MD Laidlaw said...

Loganaator - I'm so, so glad that Rebecca's song touched you this much!! I know that this is exactly what she is striving for in her music. If you want to be able to contact her for CDs or music, please head over to her website at I know that she would LOVE to hear your story and how her words touched your heart!

Thank you so much for stopping by and please continue to check back! I just recently did another photoshoot with Rebecca and will be blogging about it soon!