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Friday, June 17, 2011

Say What?!: The Saltine Challenge

It's time for another edition of:

Saltine Crackers.

Man's modern medicine for an upset tummy.

And also a pure source of entertainment!

So apparently there's this thing out there called the Saltine Challenge (not to be confused with the Ground Cinnamon challenge...that's a whole 'notha level o' crazy).

According to the Saltine Challenge, it is impossible to eat 6 (yes...only 6) Saltine crackers in under 60 seconds without a single drop of liquid to aid in the process.  When a friend of mine and I heard this, we decided that 'impossible' was NOT in our vocabulary for something so obviously simple.

I mean, look at them!  It's only 6, for crying out loud.


I am here to tell you that it's impossible to even eat THREE before the time limit.  We tried multiple times with multiple strategies.  Eating one at a time in tiny bites.  Eating three at a time.  Even going as far as trying to eat all SIX in one shot. 

Without a glass of cannot be done.

Apparently (and according to Google, my endless source of accurate knowledge), the saltine's 'quickly exhaust the saliva in one's mouth.'


It's true.

Exhausted saliva!

Have YOU ever tried the Saltine Challenge?  You should!  Then shoot me a comment with your hilarious story.  You can even video or photograph your attempt and I'll post it as a follow-up to this blog!

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